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30 June 2010 – Quick Put-backs

Posted in Basketball by txtmstrjoe on 30/06/2010

A few quick notes:

  • In a move that doesn’t surprise anyone (and one which I personally hoped for), the L.A. Lakers declined to offer Jordan Farmar a qualifying offer, making the guard an unrestricted free agent.
  • Farmar is THE ONE LAKER FROM LAST YEAR’S SQUAD WHO I WANTED OFF THE TEAM.  Now he can be someone else’s defensive liability.
  • Per many reports in the media, Farmar’s ego is bigger than everyone else’s on the team with the exception of Kobe Bryant.  There’s nothing worse than a wannabe alpha dog who is less valuable and useful than even the runt of the litter with the way he plays.
  • One reason why I grew to detest Farmar so much (and there are many, to be quite blunt about it) is that the guy reminded me of Gary Payton. “The Glove” groused and complained about playing time and the style of the Lakers’ play during his one year with the team, and he did this when the team was actually winning and was a favored championship contender!  In other words, Farmar, like Payton, put his own selfish interests in front of the team’s.  While such an attitude could perhaps be understandable when you’re a superstar at your peak (personally, I don’t like that attitude myself, but any fan of any team or any superstar athlete will forgive his/her favorite for indulging in this), it is completely unacceptable when you’re someone coming off the bench.
  • In a completely unrelated direction now, it still boggles my mind why some Lakers fans still nurse a giant hard-on for Chris Bosh.  I just don’t get it.  It’s not like the Lakers can afford him without gift-wrapping one of their own true assets if Bosh’s salary is going to fit inside the Lakers’ budget.
  • (Don’t start with the predictable and asinine “Bosh-for-Bynum” garbage, either.  Thankfully, most sensible minds, including ones who actually make the key decisions on the team, pooh-pooh this idea and expose it for the crass stupidity that it really is.)
  • In other Lakers related news, Shannon Brown will opt out of his current contract and test the free agent market, according to his agent.  It will be interesting to see if Brown will command a bigger fee in free agency than the terms of his voided contract would have paid him for next year (approximately $2.1million).
  • Still no news on whether or not Phil Jackson will return to the Lakers next season.
  • I’m sick of all the LeBron James free agency speculation and hype.  Are you?
  • Lakers’ assistant coach Brian Shaw has reportedly all but signed a contract to be the Cleveland Cavaliers’ next head coach.  If I was coach Shaw, I wouldn’t touch that job for all the money in Ohio.  The Cavaliers franchise is doomed, destined to be the front-runner in the race to become the Eastern Conference’s version of the L.A. Clippers.  In other words, once all this LeBron James hype finally dies down, the Cavaliers will revert to being just another irrelevant, doomed-to-fail-for-all-time pro basketball franchise just like the Clippers are (and always will be).

Well, that’s all I got for now.  Hope to see some comments next time!  Thanks for reading.

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