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1 July 2010 – Theory on What Happens to the Lakers after 2010-2011

Posted in Basketball by txtmstrjoe on 01/07/2010

I have a horrible feeling that, no matter what happens to the Lakers next season, whether they go and tie the hated Boston Celtics in the all-time NBA Championships list at seventeen or if they fail in that quest, next year will be the last time we’ll see this team as constituted.


My theory is that the Lakers will make one last push to get to the top of the NBA championships record book, then blow up the team afterwards.

Now why in tarnation would they even consider doing that?

It’s all about the money.

I mean, think about how many times “money” and “shrinking profit margins” and other similar terms have been thrown around, especially recently, in the context of discussions about the L.A. Lakers.  They wanted Phil Jackson to take a pay cut; they want Derek Fisher to take a pay cut; wags and pundits talk ceaselessly about how the core of this Lakers team costs around $91million, and that’s without Derek Fisher’s salary (assuming they indeed re-sign him for however many years they can agree on), or even four players at the end of the bench.

No one in the sports media has reported or speculated on this possibility, but I ran the idea by my dad, who is a dedicated Lakers fan.  I wanted to hear him disagree with me, desperately so, if only because my dad’s pretty good when it comes to analyzing basketball, whether we’re talking about what happens on the court or sometimes even off it.  Unfortunately, he thinks my premise and conclusion were logical and realistic.

I hope I’m wrong.

I guess we’ll all find out a year from now.

But if what I wrote here actually comes to pass, remember, you probably read or heard of it here first.

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