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8 July 2010 – Stuff on my Radar

Posted in Basketball by txtmstrjoe on 08/07/2010

  • Steve Blake signed a four-year, $16million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. 
  • Speaking of the Lakers, Derek Fisher has yet agree on a mutually-beneficial contract.  Here’s at least one Lakers fan hoping he and the team can come to terms, and soon.
  • The British Grand Prix will be run this week at Silverstone Circuit.  With the new “Arena” layout making its F1 debut, it should be an interesting race.  I won’t be daft and try to predict a winner, but I do hope that the McLaren boys finish on the podium along with Sebastian Vettel.   
  • The Tour de France has completed five stages, and I’ve yet to see a complete one on TV.  I’ve seen bits and pieces of the Prologue and Stages 1 and 2, but absolutely nothing after that.  Thankfully, I can count on my new friend from across the pond, Tim, to provide excellent recaps and commentary on the Tour, thanks to his awesome blog, The Armchair Sports Fan.  To be perfectly honest, Tim’s blog is professional-grade and is a definite boon for cycling fans who, for whatever reason, cannot watch the sport’s biggest race in real-time.
  • I absolutely LOVE the fact that my girlfriend is starting to fall in love with the Tour de France as well.  She watches the coverage on Versus, which, thankfully, is of a very high standard.  She’s starting to appreciate the traditions and nuances and subtleties of the sport now, also.

I feel conflicted about one thing:  As much as I panned LeBron James and ESPN for their cynical conspiracy to grab the collective attention of sports fans, I feel almost compelled to tune in and see which team will be getting the King of Nothing But Hubris’ services.  Do I give in and watch, just as ESPN wants me to?  Or do I resist and read about it tomorrow?



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  1. Tim said, on 09/07/2010 at 04:55

    * blushes *. Thanks for the write-up, Joe. (The check’s in the mail.) Looking forward to the Alps this weekend? I reckon Saturday may see the GC boys riding together, but definitely expect attacks on Sunday with the summit finish and the rest day to follow. Lance needs to claw back some time, so expect him to agitate – but Contador won a similar stage to Verbier last year, and Sunday’s final climb to Morzine is steep at the end, which will suit him and Andy S’s accelerations …

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