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12 July 2010 – Last Comment of Derision over “The Decision” (hopefully?)

Posted in Uncategorized by txtmstrjoe on 12/07/2010

I just wanted to share what Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone has to say about “The Decision.”

Please follow this link to Mr. Taibbi’s “The Five Funniest Things About the ‘LeBron James:  Global Superdouche’ Broadcast.”

Here are a few awesome nuggets from his piece:

The first two paragraphs are golden:

“The Decision” was simultaneously the most painful and most hilarious television show I’ve seen in a long time. Its entertainment value rested almost entirely in its scope — the same way a person goes to the Niagara Falls or to the Grand Canyon for that take-your-breath-away moment when the heretofore unimaginable vastness of the vista is first perceived, I watched “The Decision” in breathless awe of the sheer scale of the narcissism involved.

By any measure it was a landmark moment in the history of human self-involvement, eclipsing previous peaks in the narcissism Himalayas (Nero’s impromptu fiddle concert as Rome burned, the career of the prophet Mohammed, Kim Jong Il publishing “The Popularity of Kim Jong Il”) mainly because it was a collective effort. You can understand the citizens of Tsaritsyn cheering the decision to rename their city; if they didn’t like “Stalingrad,” they were getting lined up and shot.

Here is a very sobering yet salient part of his commentary (obviously, I agree with this particular point, which is precisely why I’ve highlighted it):

I’m sure there’s a larger point to make in all of this about how the insane pathology behind the LeBron spectacle (read: a co-dependent need to worship insatiable media-attention hogs gone far off the rails of self-awareness) is what ultimately is going to destroy this country and leave us governed for all time by dingbat megalomaniacs like Sarah Palin.

Then Mr. Taibbi gives us his five reasons.  Each one is not so much “funny” in a humorous sense, but more so in the “painfully funny” sort of way.  To paraphrase,

  1. Instead of dedicating more time to promoting the Boys and Girls Club, the beneficiary of a mere percentage (I hear as little as 20%!) of the ad revenue generated by the one-hour special, LeBron James NEVER mentions the charity.  “The Decision” is all about LeBron.  Selfish, arrogant, misguided fool, yep.
  2. ESPN is a propaganda machine, complete with grammar check and transcript correction.
  3. Jim Gray.  ‘nuf said.  Worst.Most.Overrated.Piece.Of.Trash.Excuse.For.A.Journalist.EVER.
  4. LeBron James is asked a semi-interesting question, hedges, then most likely lies with his answer.  (And what does Gray do?  Absolutely nothing of merit.)
  5. “The Decision” stands as People’s Exhibit 90,909,349,839,483,948,394,839,483,948,439,829,348,320,984 on why “Reality TV” is part of what is systematically destroying society as we used to know it.  It’s a huge problem when we don’t know what is real and what isn’t real.  In other words, it’s a transparent attempt at a mind-fuck, even if some of the agents doing the mind-fucking don’t even know what they’re doing anymore.

Some of you may think I’m obsessed over this LeBron James crap, and perhaps you might be right.  I don’t know about you, though, but I really get disgusted when I find out that someone’s trying to pull the wool over my eyes.  You know why?  It’s an indication of a basic lack of respect.  The people engaged and invested in the business of slinging bullshit and lies care only about themselves and their interests; people who work with them and for them with a full awareness of the evil that they’re doing (Jim Gray pitched “The Decision” to LeBron’s team of buffoons, and they in turn pitched the idea to ESPN) are nothing but shills and whores only interested in lining their pockets (Jim Gray has no credibility whatsoever, in my opinion, when he claims he’s getting no compensation for his role in “The Decision.”  Don’t believe that crap, or anything else he has to say).

If you care at all about why it’s important to recognize “The Decision” as the most cynical mind-fuck that has ever happened in sports insofar as I’m concerned, please give Mr. Taibbi’s comments a good, critical look.  If nothing else, that’s what we all need to do with everything, really.

We really all need to learn how to be more critical.


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  1. Penny Widmore said, on 13/07/2010 at 11:18

    I was watching a program where the journalist said LeBron was like an escaped slave. What was going on with that??

    • txtmstrjoe said, on 13/07/2010 at 12:14

      Jesse Jackson, a person whose opinion I never value because he seeks to agitate yet never illuminate, said that. In my opinion, Mr. Jackson’s comment was nothing but an attempt to grab attention.

  2. Penny Widmore said, on 13/07/2010 at 11:18

    When are you going to write about the Tour?

    • txtmstrjoe said, on 13/07/2010 at 12:15

      I can’t write anything in-depth about something I’ve not actually watched, unfortunately. I may say something really general, but nothing really detailed since all my knowledge of the Tour this year is second-hand.

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