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10 Aug 2010 – Quickie Status Update

Posted in Uncategorized by txtmstrjoe on 10/08/2010

Just a quick status update:

Been stupidly busy lately, especially at work.  I often can spare enough mental energy whilst in the office thinking about the next posts here.  But lately that has been more challenging than usual due to the dramatic increase in my workload.

So, an apology for the massive slow-down in my output in this blog.

Trust, though, dear readers, that I’ve not been idle.  I’m in the middle of drafting the last two parts of the F1 Drivers’ Mid-Season Review.  It’s already a few weeks late, but I’m sure it’ll all be done in about a week’s time.

Honestly, it’s a great exercise to churn these big F1-related entries, as F1 is one of my favorite sports.  As the American autumn approaches, though, I’ll devote more time and energy to both football (not soccer, just to clarify) and basketball.

I wish I could muster a similar enthusiasm for baseball, but the truth is it’s quite difficult since the team I like best (the Oakland A’s, though I have a very healthy respect and regard for Mike Scioscia and his Angels) is having yet another miserable year.  This largely explains my indifference for the MLB this year.

Be patient, dear readers.  Your humble scribe needs to catch his breath a bit, then it’s back to the grindstone.

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