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18 Sept 2010 – NFL Pick ’em Game, Week 2

Posted in Football (NFL) by txtmstrjoe on 18/09/2010

One week down, sixteen to go in the NFL regular season.

Without further delay, here are my picks for Week 2:

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Detroit Lions

Kevin Kolb is out with concussion-related symptoms, so Michael Vick takes his place as Philadelphia’s starter.  Despite being a danger to opposing defenses with his uncanny ability to make plays with his legs, Vick is still deficient as a passer.  Expect Detroit to crowd the line of scrimmage with bodies to force Vick to beat them with the pass, as well as assigning a linebacker to spy on Vick in case he threatens to break containment.

I see the LIONS winning at home.

Chicago Bears @ Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have lots of problems with their offensive line on the field, as well as chronic problems with their coaching staff (how Wade Phillips continues to be a viable head coaching candidate baffles me).  Funnily enough, you can say pretty much the same thing about Chicago.

COWBOYS, then, win at home.

St. Louis Rams @ Oakland Raiders

These two teams share a couple of things in common:  They both used to call Los Angeles home, and they are both in desperately bad shape as NFL franchises go.  The Rams have been cellar dwellers for the last couple of years, and no team has lost as many games as the Raiders have for the last seven or so years.

In this week’s “Stinkerbowl,” the RAIDERS have fewer excuses to lose at home.

New Orleans Saints @ San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers lost in embarrassing fashion last week up in Seattle.  Although I predicted the Niners to lose, I didn’t expect them to get crushed.

I’ve looked at as much footage as I can find of the Niners up in Seattle, and it looks to me that they lost not due to inferior strategy.  Rather, they lost because they simply didn’t execute.  That’s somewhat expected when one plays on the road, but the degree of deficiency that the 49ers displayed against the Seahawks was discouraging, to be honest.

Will the 49ers clean things up sufficiently against the visiting defending Super Bowl champions?  I think the San Francisco crowd will give the home team a boost and allow the Niners to compete.  In fact, I’ll make it a clean sweep and pick the 49ers to win at home.


After one week, my score currently stands at 2-2.

Will picking all the home teams be to my advantage, or will it be to my detriment?

We’ll find out after the end of Monday Night Football!


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