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26 Sept 2010 – Sad Sports Day

Posted in Football (NFL), Formula 1 by txtmstrjoe on 26/09/2010

Today’s a sad sports day for me.

In Formula One, Lewis Hamilton’s World Championship hopes took what could be a terminal blow when he was knocked out of the Grand Prix of Singapore by championship leader Mark Webber.  Hamilton had eased ahead of Webber entering Turn 7 when Webber hit him, damaging his left rear suspension.  To compound my personal sorrows, Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso won the race, finishing just in front of Sebastian Vettel.

Hamilton’s DNF also damaged my Fantasy F1 prospects, as I had him on my team this week.  Two races in a row he has given me a pittance in points due to crashing out due to accidents, so it looks like it’s going to be almost impossible to climb back onto the top of my Fantasy F1 league standings.

In other sad sports news, my San Francisco 49ers are now 0-3 after getting barbecued in Kansas City.  I didn’t see the whole game, but I saw enough through the magic of live streaming TV to rediscover the 49ers’ biggest problem on offense:  The Niners suffer from wildly inconsistent offensive line play.  The 49ers demonstrate the critical importance of the offensive line.  That’s literally where it all begins.  The O-line creates holes and lanes for the running backs, and give the quarterback protection and time to throw.  When the Niner O-line is dominant (as it was at home against the Saints in Week 2), the offense clicks; when it is being dominated (as they were in Kansas in Week 3), the offense is a huge mess.  Alex Smith is no Joe Montana, but not even Montana could do well playing behind such a porous O-line.

Such a sad sad sports day…


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