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28 Sept 2010 – NFL Pick ’em, Week 3 Results

Posted in Football (NFL) by txtmstrjoe on 28/09/2010

Almost got completely murdered in Week 3:

New York Giants vs. Tennessee Titans:  I got this game WRONG.  The Giants look like they’ve got major problems now.  They seem to have zero composure and discipline, which seems absurd given that head coach Tom Coughlin is reputed to be one of the stricter disciplinarian head coaches in the NFL.  From RB Brandon Jacobs tossing his helmet into the stands in Week 2 to myriad procedural penalties against the Titans (gifting Tennessee useful chunks of field position each time, which plays into the Titans’ strengths), the Giants look to be a team in disarray.  Couple this with the offense looking like it’s out of sync, the Giants could be in for a fall.

Denver Broncos vs. Indianapolis Colts:  The Colts performed as expected against a rebuilding Broncos team, so I got this game RIGHT.  Despite the fact they fielded reserves at wide receiver and left tackle for most of the game, the Colts still won by two touchdowns on a hostile field.

Seattle Seahawks vs. San Diego Chargers:  I fully expected a close game, but got it WRONG by picking the Chargers to win.  The Chargers couldn’t generate an effective running game; their special teams unit was likewise anything but special, giving up the winning score on a kickoff return.  Seattle’s home crowd gets credit for once again giving the home team a real advantage and a palpable energy to the Seahawks.  Don’t underestimate the 12th Man when you’re up in Seattle.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers:  The Chiefs served up the 49ers as the main course of their hometown barbecue, and I got this game so horribly WRONG.  Once again, the lack of good execution on offense doomed the Niners.  What’s somewhat discouraging was the defense’s inability to slow the Chiefs down.  Granted, the Chiefs were playing in front of a partisan crowd, and in Kansas City this is always a significant advantage.  But on-field talent also plays a role.  Per many pundits’ estimations, the 49ers are more talented than the Chiefs are at the moment.  So what that means (to me) is that the 49ers are deficient in the coaching ranks.  Head Coach Mike Singletary probably reached the same conclusion, as he dismissed Offensive Coordinator Jimmy Raye on Monday.  Coach Singletary apparently sees the same problems as I do:  The 49ers desperately need better teaching of technique and execution to take full advantage of the roster’s ever-improving talent.  He promoted quarterbacks coach Mike Johnson to the Offensive Coordinator position to fill the void left by Coach Raye’s dismissal.  49ers fans like me hope Coach Johnson is an improvement, but sadly, it looks like the season’s goal of a return to the playoffs looks like  a very difficult one to achieve now that the team is in a 0-3 hole.


Speaking of holes, I did 1-3 this week.  Combined with the running total of 3-5 from the first two weeks, I’m sitting on 4-8.  .333 is bordering on excellent in baseball batting averages, but is pathetic in football.

You know, you could play along with me if you wish.  😉 Judging on my form so far, I ought to be easy to beat week in, week out.  If you do want to play along week to week, just post your picks in the same games I choose in the Comments section.  Then we’ll tally up at when I post that week’s results.  The week’s winner gets a shout-out in my next post.

Heck, if a lot of people join in and play, I may offer a prize after the season’s over!  What have you got to lose?

Hope to do better next week!

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