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27 Nov 2010 – NFL Pick ’em Week 11 Results, Week 12 Picks

Posted in Football (NFL) by txtmstrjoe on 27/11/2010

Yet again, an abbreviated NFL Pick ’em post, featuring Week 12 results and Week 13 picks.

First, results from Week 11:

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Oakland Raiders:  Steelers won; I got this pick RIGHT.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Detroit Lions:  Cowboys winning means I got this pick WRONG.

New England Patriots vs. Indianapolis Colts:  Enthralling game.  Patriots won, so I got this pick RIGHT.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  The 49ers laid an egg at home and lost.  I got this pick WRONG.

So, after 11 weeks and 44 games, my record stands at 24-20.


Picks for Week 12:

Atlanta Falcons vs. Green Bay Packers

Falcons are at home, but Packers look like they have been surging lately.  PACKERS for the win on the road.

New York Giants vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Two inconsistent teams from each conference with identical records (6-4).  The big difference between the Jaguars and the Giants is that New York is still viewed by many to be a legitimate challenger to win their division and possibly parlay that to an extended playoff run.  GIANTS for the win at home.

Chicago Bears vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Da Bears are at home, but I’m picking the EAGLES for the upset on the road.

Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers

49ers will win on the road on Monday Night Football.  Why?  They have a quarterback.  Arizona doesn’t seem to have one.  On the other hand, the Cardinals have a legit coaching staff…


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