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16 Dec 2010 – Pick ’em shelved

Posted in Football (NFL) by txtmstrjoe on 16/12/2010

As regular readers of this blog may have no doubt noticed (all three or five of you, if that many), I didn’t post any NFL Pick ’em entries for the last couple of weeks.  People with a finer attunement may even have noticed that for a few weeks before the previous two weeks, the Pick ’em posts were sub-par at best.

Lately I’ve been finding my schedule to be filled to the brim with duties and obligations that necessarily take me away from my blogger’s keyboard.  Some things needed to be sacrificed on the altar of priorities, and unfortunately, blogging (and doing it well enough so that I don’t blanche at the end results) has had its turn in the pyres.

All of my blogs have suffered a similar shutdown in the last month or so.

I don’t think a lot of people noticed, though.  (But if you did, thank you for reading. :))

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I’ve shelved the NFL Pick ’em series until the end of the regular season.  It may return for the playoffs, but I doubt it; I think the chances of it returning next season are better, though.  I really haven’t thought much about what to do with it, to be honest.  It didn’t seem to attract readership as I hoped it would.  

Whatever my final decision is, I’ll post it here.



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